Heat Circulation Innovation Platform North Savo has been prepared among the actors of the Energy Cluster North Savo. The aim of the project is to promote non-combustion heat production and to promote the spread of related technologies such as waste heat recovery, heat storage, heat pump technologies, geothermal heat utilization in North Savo. In connection with this, new business opportunities are also being explored.

Due to the upheaval in the energy sector, energy production based on the burning of fossil fuels (such as peat is now also classified) will fall sharply. In the region of North Savo, where the manufacture of equipment in the energy sector has been partially based on centralized technology using fossil fuels, it is worth looking for a replacement business in non-combustion energy production and related new technologies.

As part of the ongoing project, especially carbon-neutral technical solutions based on non-combustion heat production, the implementers of technologies and the experience gained from the implemented solutions will be presented on the project’s website. The aim is to provide information for all parties who want and need it, for example for decision-makers in cities, municipalities and other public organizations, and for business and property owners.

The aim of the project is to network as widely as possible with those conducting research in Finland. For this purpose, the Heat Circulation Innovation Platform (FINHCIP) has been established, the purpose of which is to bring together research organizations (research institutes and companies) to network with research activities that reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the production of thermal energy in Finland. The members of the platform and their activities are presented in the Cooperation section of this website.