Heat Circulation Innovation Platform North Savo

Carbon-neutral Heat Production – Heat Circulation Innovation Platform

The goal of Heat Circulation Innovation Platform in North Savo (both development and investment project) project is to promote non-combustion heat production, to promote the use of related technologies such as waste heat recovery, heat storage, heat pump technologies and geothermal heat utilization.

The goal of the project is find out the sources of waste heat in North Savo and possibilities to utilize these sources in heat production by studying both thermochemical and heat stored in the soil and also to find out the utilization of large heat pumps in district heat production.

The target group of projects are

  • companies generating waste heat in production,
  • companies developing energy-efficient solutions and services,
  • companies interested in energy-efficient equipment deliveries
  • all stakeholders interested the efficient use of energy
  • decision makers of cities, municipalities, and other public organizations
  • owners of companies and properties in different industries

Promoting carbon-neutral North Savo

At the municipal level, the aim is to reach carbon-neutral North Savo by means of the measures recorded in the Climate Road Map of North Savo by 2035.

Heat Circulation Innovation Platform North Savo – the goal of the project is to promote the carbon-neutral non-combustion-based heat production in the region and regionally promote business opportunies in this context.

In addition of development actions, investment project will improve the Energy Research Centre’s of Savonia UAS capacity to conduct research work on thermochemical energy storage and soil-bound energy reserves.


April 2022, week 17Heat Circulation Innovation Platform webinar
September 2022, weeks 38 and 39ESEIA International Summer School – Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES) Solutions for Climate Friendly Production
November 2022, week 47RE4Industry Transfer Knowledge Seminar

Project funding

Regional Council of Pohjois-Savo has allocated 70 percent of the funding for the project from the European Regional Development Fund and the state.

Regional Council of Pohjois-Savo is a statutory association of municipalities that promotes the interests of the province’s residents, municipalities and business life nationally and internationally.


The funding share of the companies is 17.09 percent.

The project involves eight companies that are interested in promoting carbon-neutral solutions in heat production.

Savonia finances 12.91 percent of the project.

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