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The waste heat of the ice rink and ski arena is utilized for district heating with Savon Voima’s long life cycle heat pump solution.

Savon Voima

The municipality of Leppävirta had an urgent need to update the refrigeration equipment of the ski arena and the ice rink, and in this context the utilization of the condensation heat from the refrigeration processes came up in order to promote the municipality’s carbon negativity goal. The municipality made a report with the help of consultants, and after the tender, they decided on the energy solution offered by Savon Voima.

The heat pump equipment in a container placed near the cooling equipment of Leppävirta’s ice rink and ski arena transfers the heat energy of the condensate to the district heating network.

During the winter, almost all of the district heat produced from the condensation heat of the ice rink’s and ski arena’s refrigeration equipment is diverted to Sport & Spa Hotel Vesileppis (accommodation facilities) and Vesileppis Arena (exercise facilities). During the summer, surplus heat is also used to heat the rest of Leppävirta’s urban area.

The temperature level of the district heating network is calculated to optimize the energy-efficient operation of the heat pumps. In connection with this, Savon Voima has renewed the heat distribution centers of the properties in the Vokkola area during May 2022, also being responsible for their operation and round-the-clock monitoring.

Suomen Tekojää Oy has delivered a heat pump that is used to raise the low-grade waste heat of the cooling equipment to the district heating network.

In the future, the two-way district heating network system will cover more than 10 percent of the heat needs of the entire agglomeration of Leppävirta. The two-way district heating system can produce emission-free energy for local use and, in addition, feed clean energy into Savon Voima’s district heating network.

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Basic Information
Implementation year: 2022
Implementor: Leppävirta municipality in collaboration
Municipality of Leppävirta has invested aproximately EUR 1.2 million
Business Finland’s energy subsidy EUR 0.25 million
Achieved benefits
Savings EUR 120 000 per year and during the lifetime of the contract, the total savings are approx. EUR 1.2 million
Payback time: 10 years
Carbon dioxide emission reduction: not known