Mitä tapahtuu

Heat Circulation Innovation Platform (HCIP) Webinar on 29th of April at 9.00 – 10.30 am.

Webinar is part of Heat Circulation project in the region of Pohjois-Savo. The aim of project is to promote non-combustion energy production in the region with different technologies such as waste heat recovery, heat storage, heat pump technologies, geothermal heat utilization.

Our students present case examples on the following topics as research and specialization projects:

  • Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES) – Sumitomo SHI FW /by Santtu Tsupari, Riku Ollikainen, Hanssi Mustonen and Tessa Kumpulainen
  • District heating pump Savon Voima Oyj, Iisalmi / by Noora Huotari, Tiina Rautiainen, Jutta Lapp and Antti Soininen
  • FLIR SI 124 Acoustic Imaging Camera – Teledyne Flir / by Jiri Leppänen
  • Waste heat recovery – Suomivalimo Oy / by Janne Taskinen and Lauri Welin